Wednesday, February 4

DIY Valentine's Tree Decorations

We all need a little love in our life, not just romantic love but love of family and friends. That's why Valentine's Day for me is more about celebrating 'Love' in general and showing people you care about them, than buying a card with a generic sentiment inside and a priced up bouquet of flowers for my 'lover'...(if I had one...I don't...I'm not bitter..honest)
So, after seeing this amazing tree, I decided to bring a little heart-shaped magic to my home in the run-up to the special day, with some homemade decorations for my own...
3d Hearts
You'll need:
Red and pink cardstock
Thick scrap card
A glue stick
Red wool

Fold thick card in half and use the fold to draw a symmetrical heart shape (I did a larger version and a smaller), then cut the shape out
Use the thick card as a template to draw and cut hearts out of the cardstock - you'll need two of each colour for each heart.
Fold each heart in half directly down the centre
Stick half of one colour heart, to half a second colour heart. Do the same with the other two heart then stick both pairs flat side together, with a strand of wool between
Knot the wool at the bottom of the heart and trim end
Tie the hanging heart to your tree

Painted Baubles
You'll need:
Small clear fillable baubles
Red and pink paint pens
Red wool/ribbon

On the inside of the baubles, paint different sized hearts in various colours and leave the airdry
Put a sprinkle of glitter inside bauble, close it and shake
Tie a loop with wool or ribbon for hanging

I love my tree, it definitely brings  little something that the room's been missing since Christmas...

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