Saturday, February 7

This Week's Blog Finds

This week, I started the ABM online class I'm doing (Check it out here) this week and it's been really good  to be taking time to capture some of the little moments day to day that I might not have thought to photograph before! I will share a bit more about how it's going and what I've done in a few weeks.
The internet has proved as inspirational as ever over the last seven days with some delicious-looking recipes, inventive DIYs and shedloads more...

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I'm a bit in love with Kimonos (to the point that I'm still wearing them now, in the middle of winter - inside of course) so this DIY Tutorial is very exciting!

These Homemade Red Velvet Moonpies look so good!

I'd never seen plastic canvas until I saw this DIY Graphic Embroidered Art, what a revelation?!

Spoil your girlfriends this Valentine's Day (or 'Gal-entine's Day' as I've recently seen it called) by filling these 'Fries Before Guys' Printables with sugar cookie fries

I'm going to be on the look out for a chair with caning after seeing what Prodigal Pieces has done with this one!

I just bought the latest issue of Mollie Makes and the free gift (designed by Kiriki Press) is the cutest, I can't wait to make it!  

These DIY Cactus Candy are quirky and fun! They would make a great mini gift or party favour

Add a cute touch to any outfit with this gorgeous (Valentine-appropriate) DIY Leather Heart Collar

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These two anonymous students have been leaving some incredible Blackboard Art their University...

This DIY Vase Tutorial is amazing - such high end results

I need this Chocolate & Popcorn Cake  immediately! I like the look of it's Dark Chocolate Ganache & Sea Salt Cake friend too...

This Tutorial that shows you how to get handwritten messages onto your photos will come in handy for the mini albums I plan to make this year

One picture of these DIY Temporary Edible Gold Lip Glasses and I was sold! The Mugs are awesome!

I want all of these quirky Kitchen Gadgets, especially the Unicorn Sprinkle Shaker and the Custom Engraved Rolling Pins (Dinosaurs, eek!)

This Pin Pres room shelf would make tidying up so much for the kids (and you) and it looks pretty cool too!

The Fondant Flinger make incredible-looking cakes, I spent so much time on their site, just staring in awe...


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