Saturday, February 21

This Week's Blog Finds

This week has been a struggle... Although it's been half term week and we had lots of fun planned, we've all been tired and full of cold, and the weather's been miserable too. We did manage to sneak in a cheeky movie afternoon with my friends and their kids though. We made tickets and tokens for them to buy snacks, it was pretty cool! I think I was the only one who lasted through the whole movie though.
The week wasn't that bad though- Hibernating from the cold and rain did give me a chance to find lots of cool stuff...
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1. I love a good Hot Chocolate - Here's a delicious 12 Ways to make yours amazing!

2. This Tutorial gives you a quick but effective way to transform an old picture frame

3. How much fun is this DIY Animal Marquee Light? Haydee would love it!

4. How to make beads with photos is a pretty nifty trick- Learn how in this DIY Epoxy Statement Necklace Tutorial
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5. These Elephant Macarons are genuinely one of the most adorable 'food stuff' I've ever seen!

6. There's some great ideas for DIY Jewelry here, they'd all make great gifts for loved ones

7. My best friend would go mad for these Banoffee Pie Cheesecake Minis!

8. You can make patterned Swiss rolls with these Silicon sheets... Mind Blown!
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9.  As far as snacking goes, popcorn is my weakness and these 3 Homemade Popcorn Flavors look too good to resist

10.If you are a creative person this- 50 Pieces of Creative Advice... - is a must-read!

11.These DIY Gilded Marble Hexagon Serving Boards would look pretty cool at a dinner party...

12.If you're looking for some gift ideas this post would keep you going for the year!

Have a great weekend, lets keep our fingers crossed that the sun stays out today!

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