Friday, March 13

3 Easy Last-Minute DIY Mother's Day Gifts

It's Mothering Sunday in the UK this weekend, the day when you can unashamedly spoil your Mom (as if you need an excuse).
If you haven't got around to sorting out a gift for your good old Mom yet, then here's 3 ideas for quick homemade gifts that you can do in an evening...

Scented Photo Hand Warmers
One of my favourite things to 'play with' at the moment is Photo Transfer Paper, it's not just for cheesy Stag weekend T-shirts anymore! I've been using to make lots of bits and pieces recently, including some Lavender sachets. These hand warmers are a variation of those but are filled with rice (uncooked, obviously) and a little lavender to give them a pretty aroma!
To make them you'll need: Photo transfer paper; computer with printer; plain white fabric & patterned fabric (about 3.5"x 3.5" of each); needle & coloured embroidery thread; scissors; pins; uncooked rice; dried lavender; and pinking shears
Edit your picture so it measures 3"x 3" and then print it off onto the transfer paper
Iron the image onto the white fabric following the instructions on the packaging, then allow to cool
Pin the white fabric and patterned fabric, wrong sides together. (Make sure you don't put the pins through the image, instead do it around the edge)
Use running stitch to sew the two fabrics together - Pause when you have a gap of about an inch and fill sachet until 2/3 full with rice and 1/2 teaspoon of lavender, then stitch up the gap
Use pinking shears to trim the excess fabric around the edge of the stitching
To use you hand warmers, they just need to go in a microwave for 10 secs (Be careful taking it out, it may need to sit for a sec before handling) and they'll be warm enough to make your hands all toasty on a cold day! 

Cross Stitch Sugar Cookies
Biscuits are always a winner! I've made my Mom some heart shaped biscuits with a mini cross stitch design. My icing skills are still in need of some work but they have definitely improved!
This is still my go-to recipe for sugar cookies and there's a great Royal icing recipe (and some tips of icing) here!

Mini Tile Magnets
These little magnets are super easy to make and you can get sample tiles for cheap (if not free).
You just need some paint pens (I love the Sharpie ones), some small tiles, some magnets and a hot glue gun. Draw some designs on each tile and then hot glue a magnet onto the back. See, I told you: Super easy! I kept to the same few colours because I wanted to make a little set but you could go crazy with your colours or even get the whole family involved making them - the possibilities are endless...

So that's it- 3 easy Mother's Day (or any other occasion) gifts that you could definitely get finished before the big day!

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