Friday, March 6

This Week's Blog Finds

Last weekend, I headed down to London for a mini break with some of my friends (in honour of my best friend's birthday) and we had a blast. We did all the (free) 'touristy' stuff: visited all the landmarks, spent some time in the Natural History Museum and took loads of photos. By the end of the weekend we had lots of tales to tell but we were hurting quite a lot - pretty sure my feet actually spoke out in protest at one point!
It was my birthday on Tuesday so this week has been a bit of a relaxed one since then. When did I get old?
Here are some pretty awesome things I've spotted on the net...
[Sources: (top) 1; 2; 3; (middle) 4; 5; 6; (bottom) 7; 8; 9]
1. Well these Kitty Planters are just adorable!

2.These DIY Homemade Gummy Bears look just as yummy as the real thing

3. Oh Joy 's new book is out soon, and if this Neon Sign is anything to go by, it's going to be awesome!

4. These Fruity Frozen Sips look great and sound delicious - Great for a party!

5. I'm definitely going to try and have a go at this Gem Mirror DIY, it's beautiful.

6. I want a DIY Popsicle Party!

7. I'm on a bit of a health kick this year so these Triple Layer Smoothies would be a perfect treat

8. This Spring Cake is decorated using pieces of Twizzlers and a lot of imagination - Love it!

9. We can't get Lucky Charms cereal very easily in the UK but I'm sure these DIY Giant Lucky Charms would fill the void!

Have a good weekend!

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