Saturday, March 28

This Week(well, Fortnight)'s Blog Find

Preparations for an Easter Party I've holding this week have been pretty intense, so much so that the blog has been a bit neglected. But I think for now, I'm 'back in the room'...
Here's all the stuff I've been loving over the last couple of weeks:
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1. Berylune now do Pegboards. I. Want. One. (Mainly so I can do something like this!)

2. I love these Modern Easter Cookies, the colours are awesome!

3. At the moment, my dessert of choice is a tin of Rice Pudding but these 10 Ways with Rice Pudding  make me want to make my own... This Toffee Banana version looks lush!

4. This DIY Floral Decoupage Box is simple way to dress up your storage

5. DIY Stationary makes a letter so special...

6. DIY Rainbow Collar Pin- so cute!

7. These Blossom Snacks have that whole sweet and salty thing going on that I love, they're definitely on the Easter Party menu

8. These Scenic Eggs are a cool and different Easter decoration

[Source: 1; 2; 3; 4]
9. How realistic (and awesome) is this Pizza Cake?!

10.This DIY Geometric Wood Panel Wall Art is a simple way to dress up your room

11.These DIY Brunch Macarons are genuinely the cutest thing I've ever seen!

12. Maybe these To Do List Printables will help me organise my free time better...

[Source: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8]
13. These Invisible Bookends would be great to clear your bookshelf of clutter

14. I wish I'd seen these Easter Tins before I made all my Easter Party 'stuff' - so much cooler than goody bags! (The tutorial is on Oh Joy - See the trailer for the new Oh Joy book here!)

15. This post from Fat Mum Slim made my smile - we all have those days!

16. This Chocolate Bark with Edible Flowers is the perfect spring-time treat!

17. When I have a desk, these DIY Yarn Embroidered Desk Accessories are on it!

18. Alice and Lois has some great ideas for (non-edible) Easter Basket fillers

19. 5 super talented bloggers made over the same wooden tray and the results were very different!

20. This DIY Hanging Pendant is quirky and I want to make one right now!

Have a great weekend! x

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