Wednesday, April 22

April's Unblock

In case you haven't seen the previous posts about it, this year I am following (and having a go at) The Jealous Curator's Creative Unblock challenges (Catch up here!). This month's challenge was all about transforming an object. Even the though the challenge called to use said object to make a sculpture, I took the brief kind of loosely because I wanted something functional...
It could probably be argued that I haven't 'transformed' my object, just added some colour but it's all supposed to be fun and that's what I felt like doing!
I bought the wooden bowl for about 50p from my local Tip shop and 'attacked' it with some Sharpie Paint Pens. I'm pretty pleased with the results!
Plus now I have somewhere special to put all my loose change (and stuff) instead of dumping it at the bottom of my handbag, never to be seen again!
(Visit The Jealous Curator to find out more and follow #creativeUNblock on Instagram to see how others are interpreting the challenges)

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