Saturday, April 4

Easter Party Hijinks!

I've only organised  few parties in my life (all of which have been in the last few years) but I have quickly come to realise that when it comes to throwing a celebration, I do not do anything by halves and this Easter party was no exception...
After food, games, some picture-taking in the 'photo booth' and an Easter egg hunt, the guests left happy (or possibly just high on sugar)!
The house was decorated with homemade multicoloured garlands (a little like this) and this spring themed 'Welcome' wreath that I made
When everyone arrived, we played 'Pin the Tail on the Bunny' on a handmade poster (I didn't realise how much I've missed painting pictures!), followed by a throwing game and the winners from each game chose something from the prize table. The table was filled with Easter treats: some toys;  few Sharpie-decorated mugs; a stuffed Easter Bunny - Most of which I picked up from my local supermarket!
The 'Pin the Tail...' poster, painted on a piece of mountboard. We use white pom poms with sticky tape on as tails which didn't stick as well as I would have hoped! I'd definitely stick the pom poms to pins next time!
An Easter themed Sharpie mug - I filled it with kids felt tips (that have already 'gone to work' on the ears!)
 For food, we chomped on sandwiches, crisps, carrot sticks, cupcakes, fruit salad my Easter Rocky Road, iced biscuits and 'Nutella cream eggs' (See the recipe here). I kept the table relatively simple - white tablecloth with pink plastic plates, a few different coloured napkins and some patterned paper straws. I got most of the tableware from Party Pieces, they do everything in a variety of different colours and the service was quick and inexpensive.

I decorated some mini egg cartons to go on the table too (to hold the nibbles)...okay, they were cartons from chocolate eggs...and I ate the bad! They were just painted white with pink polka dots and lined with pink tissue paper, I will definitely be keeping them to give Easter gifts in next year!
 We had a lot of fun in the homemade photo booth. I painted some props on card and stuck wooden skewers to them and the kids (as well as the 'grown ups) had fun posing with them. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a decent group shot, it is nightmare trying to get a bunch of children to all look at you at once! I took about 30 and there was at least one child looking somewhere else in every shot (mostly Hayden). However I did get some great individual child pictures and some hilarious ones of the adults!

The main event was the much anticipated Easter egg hunt. I bought some small chocolate eggs in coloured foil and each child had a certain colour egg to look for. There wasn't enough colour variations in the packs for the amount of attendees, so I had to wrap some eggs in Sharpie-coloured tin foil to allow everyone a colour. The eggs were hidden in the various zones I'd set up around the garden, as well as randomly in the flower beds. There were bunches of coloured balloons that had to be popped to potentially find eggs, and a path of plant pots, some of which were hiding the treasure. (I also hid a few chocolate golden rabbits in the garden which, when found,  meant a prize)
The 'Balloon Factory' looked a  little sad once the children had got hold of it!
I tied small Easter baskets (a steal from Poundland) to the washing line and got Hayden's old baby bath out, both were filled with plastic basket stuffing hiding the eggs. I later regretted using the basket stuffing when I was clearing up because it is a pain in the ass (sorry!) to get rid of - still I couldn't have predicted that the little monsters would have done this with it...
Not wanting my friends to feel left out, I made them each a mini hunt inside with a series of clues leading to a dressed up jar of mini eggs. They were definitely more competitive than the children!
When we done our best to wear the kids out - some impromptu games of Musical Statues were played - they left with some Easter goody bags. I attached some white pom poms to fabric bags I got from here, and filled them with stickers, Easter M&Ms, some snacks in a carrot shape, some duck bubbles and various other bits and bobs. The adults got a little something too - an Easter tealight holder filled with a few chocolates and some nail varnishes dressed up with cellophane and ribbon (a roll of cellophane was definitely the most worthwhile purchase I made for this party!)
Hayden's Goody Bag. She didn't have some of what the others had in theirs (I'm saving some for Easter Sunday) but I didn't get a chance to snap a pic of the other bags before they were handed out...
And below: One of the favors for my friends!
All in all, a successful day! I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, mainly because I was rushing around trying to 'run things' , so I had to steal some of my guests pics last minute!
It's someone else's turn next year...

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