Monday, April 20

Making Over My Kitchen Stools

In our house, we don't have a kitchen table that we eat at but as Hayden is still in her highchair, we both sit at the kitchen counter (or breakfast-bar-type-thing) to have our meals. When we first moved in (getting on for a year ago now) I had a pair of stools donated to me by some friends of my parents and last week I finally got around to giving them a little 'spruce up'.
They started off as simple round, untreated, wooden stools so I wanted to add some colour and make them a little bit more comfortable
They were pretty easy to do and I'm pleased with how they turned out! They're not perfect but it was the first time I'd done anything like this so I'm not beating myself up about it - they are comfy!
If you what to do anything similar, here's how...
You'll need: sandpaper; a damp cloth; wood stain (I used Mahogany); a good quality paintbrush; a sheet of cushion foam (mine was bout 2" thick); a fat quarter of chosen fabric - per stool; a glue stick; a hammer; and upholstery pins.
Sand the stools thoroughly and give them a good wipe down with a cloth so the surface is free of dust and dirt.
Give the stools two coats of wood stain all over, making sure the first coat is completely dry before you do the second one
Use the stool seat as a template to cut a piece of foam the same size and use a dab of glue to stick it on top of the seat (you don't need to use a particularly strong glue as this is only to hold the foam in place whilst you pin the fabric
Lay the fabric on the floor (right side down)and place the stool upside-down in the centre
Trim the fabric in a circle shape around the stool, leaving enough excess so your fabric will pull round to the underneath of the seat (and you can fold the edges over like a hem, so the fabric will not fray)
Taking your time, work your way round the stool seat, pulling the fabric tightly underneath and hammering in pins to secure it

Hayden was visiting her Grandma last week but today we had our first meal using our new 'snazzy' stools!

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