Thursday, April 9

March's Creative Unblock

This year The Jealous Curator is setting a monthly 'Creative UNblock' challenge to get your creative juices flowing (See what it's all about here) and although I didn't get chance to do February's, I was raring to go for March's Challenge! To see the full post on March's task, hop on over to TJC (and check out some of the results). The basic idea was to make a collage-type piece using shapes cut out from some painted pieces of paper.
I've recently swept the cobwebs off my acrylic paints for other projects and I've been really enjoying using them, so this project was a really great chance to have a play with them and see what what I could create. I did a couple of different pieces and I really loved the process (especially the painting parts!), it was a lot like how you craft when you're a kid - not worrying about the result, just having fun doing it. I think I've lost that as an adult and it was nice just to let go!
April's Creative Unblock challenge has just gone up and it's all about transforming an object which I love to do anyway so it's going to be good fun this month!

Have a look at what I did for Jan's challenge here (I will try and do Feb's when I get a minute - It will bug the hell out of me if I only do 11/12 months) and to follow all the challenges check it out on The Jealous Curator or look on Instagram for #creativeUNblock


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