Saturday, April 11

My First 'Photo Book'

I mentioned a little while back that I'd signed up to do A Beautiful Mess' online course: Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks, and it's been really encouraging me in my photo taking! Aside from the prompts for pictures, the course also gets you to create some mini photo albums using different techniques. I've taken this loosely and instead of creating small albums, I'm using the techniques mentioned in each task in sections of some 12x12 albums. Here's the first one- all about my recent trip to London- using stamps and ink (as well as some paints). So I thought I'd share some pages...
Some stamped text: I invested in some new letter stamps (get them here) and I used them loads! The above photo is a 12x12, there were more throughout the album but I this is one of the few that I did anything too - I wanted to keep a lot of them as they were and let the photos speak for themselves!

I love this Bicycle stamp and it was perfect for these photos of my best friend, Sabrina and her sister posing at a Park&Ride stop! This was one of the first pages I did and it also gave me a chance to play with paints too

I decided to keep the colour scheme to just red and blue for this section (all British and that) and I'm pretty happy with the results. There are some things I would probably change in hindsight, but I don't want to dwell on it too much because it's all a learning curve and I know that I will appreciate the memories anyway when I look back on these pages!
I got a set of photo strips from Inkifi for another project so I decided to also get one made up of some selfies we took during lunch. I stuck it on a 12" 'background picture of the restaurant that we visited! 
I changed up the paint colours for the M&M World (because it was such a colourful place!) but kept the same style- bold patterns and borders around some written parts (like below) on the pocket cards. I did write on quite a few of the 4x4 photos, I used ABM's Messy Pens because they dry really well (and are apparently acid-free)

These phrase stamps are from a 'Keep Calm and..' set so I just repeated the pattern over the whole pocket card with blue and red/orange ink. I like how imperfect it turned out, it looks exciting and chaotic- just like our weekend!
Another page with some red and blue pocket cards. The 'Another Year Older' stamp is from Hobbycraft like a lot of my stamps and the camera (which is my fave) is from a free kit I got with the online course!
For this page I stamped a film reel border on some smaller prints of us in Green Park (3x3) and trimmed the excess, then stuck them on this 12x12 of the park. I think it look it turned out pretty well!
I had some full colour pocket cards throughout the album and the quickest and most mess-free way to achieve this was to put a little acrylic paint onto a baby wipe and wipe it over the card. It dried really quickly and I was able to write and stamp on the top with ease. I used this technique for the back page (below) which gave me a chance to share some more  memories that hadn't fit on a particular page. Even though this is a photo book, having this photo-free end page allowed me to write a bit more and as I don't keep a diary or journal it will help me remember the little moments! (I had to block some of them out because- you don't want to know...)

Now I'm working on the second album task, using acrylic paints which is going to be some pages from the recent Easter Party!

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