Friday, April 10

This Week's Blog Finds

We had a lovely Easter weekend and this week has been spent 'recovering' (a.k.a reading stories, having cuddles and chatting -'toddler style'!) I also had to find some time to bake a good few batches of little cupcakes for a charity bake sale my Mom had at work. They were yummy!
Here is some spiffing stuff I saw online this week...

[Sources: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9]
1. Having a party? Here's some ideas for Easy Party Treats for Kids (I know plenty of 'grown ups' that would appreciate them too!) like these Alphabet Cakes

2. I love dressing up my phone display with pretty wallpapers (and I change it like I change my mood) so this compilation of 24 Free Spring Wallpapers is amazing!

3. These DIY Paper Plants are awesome!

4. These DIY Paper Party Hats that look like ice cream cones are very cute and would be perfect at a summer party!

5. What a great idea for a family project - I will definitely be trying this Family Art Collage when Hayden's a little older...

6. This Narwahl Embroidered Hoop is so cute and the quote is lovely

7. Last week I said I wanted a Waffle Maker... These Chocolate Bubble Waffles make me want a Bubble Waffle Maker too!

8. I love all the stuff on the PetitiPanda shop but I need this Sloth Hot Water Bag Cover so bad!

9. This homemade Strawberry Infused Sugar is such a cute idea for a mini gift or a party favour

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