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Hi there!
I'm a 26 year old with a love of crafting and my (soon-to-be 2 yr old) daughter. 
Firstly I am a Mom but I love to keep busy in my spare time by indulging in all things creative and this blog is my outlet to share the things I make and some of my inspirations.
I like to try a bit of everything as far as crafts go so you'll find baking, sewing, papercraft and anything else I turn my hand to on this blog. I'm no expert when it comes to crafting but I like to experiment and I certainly bring tons of enthusiasm to the table 
The internet is an incredible place to get inspiration and there is so much talent on show. I love to take some time (when I can) to read some of the amazing blogs out there, the skill and imagination people have is unbelievable! Check out my Reading List (on the right) to see what I mean... 
I also love Pinterest,  Instagram and some of the crafty stuff on Vine for inspiration...
In 2014, I created a monthly challenge game for myself (and my Mom) to try and brush the dust off the 'ideas part' of my brain!(See the years challenges here) We had so much fun doing it that we're going to do another kind of challenge for 2015 - Stay tuned for news of that!
I hope to hone my skills so I'll eventually be able to sell my homemade goods in the future...but until I find 'my niche', I'm just going to have fun with it!
I hope you enjoy this blog- Please feel free to leave any comments and questions to let me know you stopped by...
Leanne x

(I'm currently giving this blog a bit of an update for the new year so it may look a little out of sorts for a little while!

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